Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magic Tears of Teens

Tear from teens, both of them. One because I awkwardly talked about eating what good for one's body - feelings got triggered, I felt terrible and got quiet. Luckily my wife jumped in and worked her magic. Yesterday the other teen got sideswiped by some of her girlfriends at school and came home in tears. Luckily again her mom jumped in and worked her supportive magic.

I drove both girls to school today, different trips, different schools. And I worked my magic, talked, apologized, strategized, made the effort to connect and for them to know I was here, showing up, falling down, getting up, but always being here for them, with them, having their backs in many ways, even if at times it doesn't look like it.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Knew the Day Would Come.

I knew the day would come when from the laundry I wouldn't be able to tell which was my wife's underwear and which was my daughters. It happened. Geez, time... she'll be in college in another year!