Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seven Girls in Hawaii

Yes, two women - my wife and one of her best friends, and 5 girls between the age of 11-14, and not me! I am home alone for 2 weeks with my dog and no girls. Don't get me wrong, I like girls and women, but 7 (seven) for two weeks had me staying home working and loving this.

What has been cool is that I have claimed the entire house and yard as my studio. It's what I would do if I lived alone. I don't need a dinning room table, I need a larger work table, and I need another one in the living room.

I haven't really miss my girls. I think of them often and in this wonderful world of technology, all 3 of my girls have cell phones. My oldest kid has been sending me photos of the stray cats from her iPhone!

Last week, after talking it over with my wife, we decided to get our youngest kid a cell phone. She was really wanting one so much that she did a killer presentation on why she should get one and sooner than we said she could. "Very sweet but no! Not until the summer is over and yes you do get one when you go to your new middle school at the downtown Oakland School of the Art (in acting)."

But she did so good in school, last report card from elementary school was straight 4's (A). That was her first time, and she's good kid, and so it being my idea, I told her we were going to get her a phone now (she squeeeeeellllled - funny how kids tell you they LOVE you when they are getting something they really like!).

The cool dad/daughter cool thing was that on the drive to the store I hit something on the freeway (hiding around a curve) that totally blew out my back truck tire. I was able to pull off, we were safe, and WE changed the tire together in minutes!

I have been teaching the girls how to drive on a decommissioned Naval Air Base near our house since they have been babies. Recently we were out and someone was driving (little one on my lap - she's not so little these days) and the older one can drive by herself. We hit something hidden again and the metal made a click-click-click sound. When I got out to look I could heard the air leaving the tire. So I said, "perfect - your first changing tire experience." And we did it together. I made them help and we all got our hands dirty!

That's a real time dad teaching experience which I feel really good about.

love dad

PS: Both my dad book and chalk drawing book are on the 'best seller" list @ Best Seller