Sunday, November 22, 2009

She's Afraid She'll Look Like a Nerd

She asked me to drive her to school tomorrow morning, it was beginning to rain. I said sure and jokingly added, unless the sun is out. Well the sun came out and she was still asking for a ride and now she said says she doesn't have enough time to get ready.

"Honey, you have an hour and half before school starts." She said it still wasn't enough and from then it all started to go down hill.

Tears, frustration, and after she talked a girlfriend into getting her parents to pick her up for school her mom got involved and it got worse. My wife, her mom, doesn't like to put anyone else out and she got really triggered with our daughter doing this. I then actually had to help set some boundaries for my wife because she was so angry. Whew...

Messy morning, I felt manipulated and angry. My daughter has a way of creating things like this. I am trying to understand her. She won't ride her bike all the way to school because she's afraid she'll look like a nerd. Big sigh....

She's still responsible to get to school on time, she can take the bus, walk, ride her bike to a friends house and then walk. We live on a small island off the coast of Oakland CA. It's easy to get around and time for her to be able to do this on her own - 9th grade. Hum.... teen world, seeing the fine line between support, holding the line, being my word, and compassion.

Blessings to us all!