Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blink: High School Years

Blink: My middle schooler is now officially a high school 9th grader.

Blink: My 11th grader will in a few days be a high school senior.

Blink: The younger one is diagnosed with Behcets, a rare auto immune disorder. She's doing well, lowering her prednisone each week, diet changed - no sugar, wheat, dairy. We have excellent support and feel much better as a healthy family. Wow... that was pretty intense. I totally acknowledge my wife, she was fierce and so protective, it was a beautiful thing to behold.

Blink: Last week had 4 girls in bikinis and a dog on an isolated Nor Cal beach screaming as we all jumped into the freezing Pacific Ocean. Forgot my camera.

Blink: The recent super moon had me and again 4 teens down by the water at night. I brought my camera.

Blink: Working hard these days. I'm an artist and mostly work freelance, lots of digital art and enough traditional work to keep me happy. This summer I have work in a scenic shop near by on the island. Mostly paint and some light carpentry. Still I am hammered and totally beat by the end of the day, my hands are swollen and my forearms stressed. But it's great to have work in this economy, I get to bring my dog (best perk), I come home for lunch, and I hit the hot tub at the gym before and after work. And truth be told, I do a lot less of the day to day parenting and driving around. My wife and I are both freelancers, we usually share most domestic happenings.

Creating platforms for the California Academy of Science.

 My home office studio
 One of my other gigs - chalk drawing with elementary school kids. Oxford Elementary, Berkeley CA with my nonprofit 

Blink: My oldest JUST started driving. Took her almost a year to get her permit (she just turned 17 yesterday). My wife and I told her this was here own project to make happen. There is at times, a feeling of doing too much for her and damn, gotta kick her lazy butt out the door to have her experience and know that she can do things for herself - like even cook a meal. AND... she is a great driver. I've been teaching my girls how to drive since they were babies.


Blink: The drugs and alcohol have arrived. Both girls have basically overdosed on pot brownies. One of the problems with our culture is that there is no good education on doing these things that young people will do anyway. And yes they are illegal. They were both separate events, everyone was fine, and safe, they didn't know how much they were eating and how their bodies would be able to handle that amount. I did more than once a drive in the wee hours of the night to pick up my people and bring them home safely.

One moment was that someone drank too much. I brought them home late, they were totally without any balance. I'm walking her to our front gate from my truck and I can hear her belly begin to rumble. I reach for the gate, her balance and lack-of throws me a tad off balance and my dog happily stops right in front of us, tail wagging, ready to get into the front yard. I basically toss my daughter to one side while flinging the gate open saying... "DO NOT PUKE ON MY DOG!" She remembered me laughing. We always talk next day about what they learned, what they will do differently next time as they learn how better to take care of themselves.

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