Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Not Being a Dad

When I am not being a dad, which is often enough, 
I've been looking at big things like this -  which I love. 

On the home front we are all plowing along. 7th and 10th grade girls. I was talking to the older one about the 25 minute showers she's taking. I'm asking her to bring more consciousness to her shower time and water use. We've HAD this conversation before. I've put up signs on the other side of the shower glass, knocked on the door so many times, now am talking about charging her $10/month for the water, and even for one month didn't say a word. At least we are in dialogue and I'm communicating. Of course it's hair and shaving and girl stuff that's harder for me to relate to. My bad....

The younger one just called an hour after I dropped her off at school telling me she was sick.... enough for me to come get her. She's now in bed. Today, Weds. are my "dad days." I am THE ONE. My wife has off and can do anything and not have to think kids, which she does way more often than I do, cause she's a mom, and cause at times I'm more interested in the big ship on dry dock.

Thursdays are "mom days." Better day for my camera and dog to seek art adventures.