Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cell Phones

Birthday party last night, now seven 13 year old girls crashed in the living room. Last night they were all around the dinning room table eating cupcakes and one girl said, "I gotta go upstairs and get my phone, everyone here has theirs and I feel left out."

I was driving the girls home after a surprise trip to a climbing gym and dinner... fun! On the drive home all the girls had their phones out and were texting. Another girl from somewhere else was asking if the girls in my van were talking about her, that she was feeling a little insecure. Of course they were.

So interesting.... this world of technology, communications, real contact, and virtual relationships. I am not so sure, something feels off, a disconnect to the present, to silence and stillness, to nature, to not knowing that someone won't text you now.


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